Vatel Goal : the excellence of Martinican managers

The MILCEM is a Public Employment Service close to the aspirations of 7,000 young people in Martinique. We met Frédérique Dispagne, Director of the Vatel Martinique school. She tells us a little more about this prestigious school of hotel, restaurant and tourism management. The first class of Vatel Martinique will be returning to school next September at the Valmenière Hotel.

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– You are the director of the Vatel Martinique school, can you introduce us to this structure?

Vatel Martinique is a graduate school of hotel, restaurant and tourism management. Our school is a member of the 1st World Group for Hotel and Tourism Management Education: 50 campuses – 7,000 students – 35,000 graduates.

Vatel’s objective is to develop the excellence of tomorrow’s Martinican and Caribbean managers. Our mission is to train, by alternating theory and practice, operational and executive managers in the international hotel and tourism industry.

Vatel combines the hotel values of availability and concentration, expertise and passion.

2 programs are offered :

1st Cycle: Bachelor Manager in International Hospitality (Title level 6 registered RNCP)

2nd Cycle: MBA International Hotel Manager (Title level 7 registered RNCP)

Vatel Martinique prepares its students for management careers in departments as diverse as :

* operational, marketing, sales, management, human resources, communication … adapted to hosting,

* Catering, hotel and tourism operations and entrepreneurship in the hotel industry.

For the moment, Vatel Martinique is recruiting 1st year students who wish to complete a Bachelor in International Hotel Management over 3 years (Bac + 3).

Eventually, a 2-year MBA (Bac + 5 years) will also be offered.

For our return to school scheduled for September 21, 2020, Vatel Martinique sees its promotion complete. It is still possible to apply, the file will be placed on the waiting list.

– Vatel, a prestigious school… A great opportunity for Martinique ?

The tourist job pool directly and indirectly supports thousands of people on our territory Martinique.

The more the hotel business will go up in range, the more it will hire more people. The upscale hotel industry, in addition to its economic role, is the face of an attractive destination.

Hoteliers and the entire sector will have to invest and reinvent themselves.

The rise of the hotel industry as well as the professionalization of bed and breakfasts and furnished tourist accommodation will be done by young people trained for these challenges.

Vatel Martinique is in place to support the professionals of the hotel sector, which is strategic for our economy and our society in Martinique.

– What is your career path ?

I studied at the Lycée Schœlcher in Martinique and then left the island to do an MBA at Vatel Paris (Bac +5).

I recently returned after 19 years of experience in the French and European hotel industry.

My curriculum has revolved around: marketing in Palaces (Le Meurice, Le Plaza Athénée, Le Royal Monceau) then the opening of 3 and 4 star Parisian hotels.

Consulting in yield management (internet marketing) and statistics (market intelligence) in the European hotel industry.

I am determined to contribute with all our team to the growth of Vatel in Martinique and the Caribbean.

Convinced of the determining asset of the mention « Vatel » on my CV and in my professional experiences, I wish that the young people of Martinique also benefit from it.

At the same time, I manage a furnished tourist accommodation in Fort-de-France, because Vatel has allowed me to develop an entrepreneurial know-how.

– What advice would you give to a young person who would like to get started ?

To take the plunge and take risks !

Tourism is a particularly resilient sector, where opportunities will abound once the COVID-19 health crisis is over.

The Vatel school, the experience and the network that results from it, allow young people to very quickly project themselves towards managerial and entrepreneurial careers.

I was appointed Hotel Manager 6 years after graduating from Vatel.


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