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First Vatel Martinique

This year, the starred Chef Louis-Philippe Vigilant grants us the privilege of sponsoring the Vatel Martinique 2020-2021 class.


September Back to School

Vatel Martinique has just opened its doors for the first time at the Hotel La Valmenière on September 21, 2020.

The class of 2020-2021 has the chance to have for Godfather the Martinican Chef Louis-Philippe Vigilant.

After working in the closed circle of Michelin multi-star restaurants, including the Relais Bernard Loiseau, Chef Louis-Philippe Vigilant took over the kitchens of Loiseau des Ducs in 2013.

In the eyes of Vatel Martinique, this Chef of Martinican origin embodies excellence: the courageous and successful quest of his management and his profession.

« Love what you do and do it with passion, give emotion and be courageous. »

Chef Louis-Philippe Vigilant wished to share his Mantra on each student booklet that he himself has autographed.

Sharing Managerial Experience

The Chef de Cuisine of Loiseau des Ducs also granted us the time for a « Discovering Companies  » course and a Facebook Live in the company of Madly SCHENIN-KING from the Agence Majorine, her managerial and contemporary vision of the Chef.

We retain from our interview with the Chef that :

– Versatility has become an imperative of Kitchen Management.

– Management is intended to be as much professional as personal. Taking an interest in its teams is a key to the cohesion of the kitchen.

– The contemporary Chef not only manages a team but also the brand image of his restaurant, thanks to a controlled presence on the web and social networks.

More about Chef Louis-Philippe Vigilant

His biography :

His awards :

His professional profile :

Thank you a thousand times over Chief on behalf of all Vatel Martinique.


Upgrading our Destinations

Tourism in Martinique. Frédérique Dispagne, « The asserted goal of Vatel Martinique is to spread its Vatelites throughout the Caribbean and upgrade the range of our destinations ».

• • • • • • • • •

Since September 21st, 22 students have entered the first hotel management school in Martinique.

Vatel Martinique’s new school year took place under the patronage of Michelin-starred Martinican Chef Louis-Philippe Vigilant, for the very first class of 2020-2021.

At the initiative of the Fabre Domergue Group, owner of the Karibea hotels, this Vatel Martinique school was able to open its doors despite the sanitary context.

« First the strikes of high schools and then the long period of confinement made it difficult to present the Vatel Martinique School to the students.

Our interventions were cancelled because of the confinement, our Open Days were postponed to the Hotel la Valmenière.

The contests took place initially in person, from January to March 2020, then by video only.

The recruitment of teachers followed the same process.

To be a hotelier is to know how to adapt to all situations with reactivity and good humor.

It is thanks to this state of mind that we experienced the confinement, that we tried to cope with the constraint, that we were able to open with a volume of students higher than our objective of 20 students ».

On the training side, Vatel School offers a Bachelor’s degree in International Hotel Management over a period of 3 years combining theoretical and practical training.

The Vatel school also offers the possibility to complete a 2-year MBA in International Hotel Management.

« Vatel Martinique prepares its future Managers to lead management careers in departments as diverse as: operations, marketing, sales, management, human resources, communication adapted to accommodation, catering, hotel and tourism operations and entrepreneurship in the hotel industry.

The primary ambition of Vatel Martinique, set up by Martiniquais for Martiniquais, is to train local executives who can respond to the immediate professional areas: accommodation in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana … but also in the English-speaking Caribbean (Saint Lucia, Dominica …) or Spanish-speaking (Santo Domingo, Cuba …) » adds Frédérique Dispagne.

Through these training courses, the Vatel school intends to participate in the tourist development of Martinique and Guadeloupe and to give perspectives to the young people of the Caribbean.

« Martinique has everything to gain from the priority markets like the United States and Canada.

Our territory of Martinique welcomes a little more than one million tourists in 2019, when the zone gains 9.1 million in a single quarter.

The opportunity to gain market share is mechanically significant.

To achieve this, the contributing mission of Vatel Martinique is to enable our young people to benefit from the « Training » box, first of all with perfect trilingualism in English and Spanish, and a high level of expertise in hotel infrastructure management.

The assumed objective of Vatel Martinique is to spread its Vatelians throughout the Caribbean and to increase the range of our Destinations ».

Crowned « Best Hotel School » at the 17th Worldwide Hospitality Awards, among more than 42 prestigious international establishments, Vatel Martinique students will be able to benefit from the international network of Vatel campuses.

« As Vatel is recognized worldwide, our Vatel students will be able to easily integrate the international market. Our students will have the choice;

Opening of the Vatel Martinique School in 2020

Vatel opens its doors in Martinique, in partnership with a Caribbean hotel group experienced in business and leisure hotels. The school is located in Fort de France within the Hotel La Valmenière.

• • • • • • • • •

Study hotel management at Vatel Martinique

In the heart of the capital, this establishment has a privileged location and will allow students to take advantage of quality infrastructures with a breathtaking view of the famous bay of Fort-de-France.

Vatel Martinique offers a complete training with a level II curriculum (Bachelor-license) then the possibility to continue to level I (MBA- Master).

A management school on the flower island

Martinique nestles in the heart of the Caribbean arc between the islands of Dominica to the north and Saint Lucia to the south.

8 hours flight from Europe, the « Ile aux fleurs » is a French department and is part of the European Union.

The socio-administrative structures are identical to the other regions of France.

In 2017, Martinique welcomed more than one million tourists, a record figure that confirms its tourism development.

At the same time as strengthening the tourist offer and increasing professional opportunities, Martinique is taking up the challenge of upgrading its hotel facilities.

The destination Martinique is characterized by its biodiversity and unique landscapes: the South is bordered by a coastline with magnificent beaches.

The regional natural park covers an area of 63,000 hectares and includes sites as diverse as the south coast, the petrified savannah, the Caravelle peninsula and the Diamond region.

The North offers the luxuriance of tropical forests and reveals an extraordinary garden.

Montagne Pelée (1397 meters) and the Pitons du Carbet reign as masters of the volcanic massifs.

Whether one prefers activities on land or at sea, the exploration of Martinique is inexhaustible: diving, sailing, hiking, surfing, mountain biking, climbing, golf, paragliding, canyoning, jet skiing, rafting, tree climbing, swimming with sea turtles and dolphins.

The rich heritage reflects the history of Martinique and its inhabitants throughout history.

About a hundred sites are classified as « historical monuments ».

The population is distinguished by its great diversity, the result of the island’s history.

Martinique is a peaceful and exotic region of France.

A School a few minutes from Capital

In the immediate vicinity of the business district, the school is hosted by a classified establishment with a variety of services and hotel facilities.

The downtown area of Fort-de-France boasts a heritage steeped in history, shopping facilities, a large fruit and vegetable market, access to the island’s most beautiful beaches by shuttle bus, not to mention its many affordable cafés and restaurants.

Bordered by the Caribbean Sea, observable from the Place de la Savane, the bay of the flamingos of Fort-de-France has been classified among the most beautiful in the world.

The Vatel Martinique school is just a few minutes from the city center, fully served by the high level service bus (TCSP), also serving the airport and the city of Le Lamentin.

Living in Martinique, A continual Discovery

Martinique is part of the Caribbean Archipelago.

It is bathed to the west by the Caribbean Sea and to the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

Its astonishing nature offers sublime seaside landscapes, a luxuriant vegetation, a prodigious biodiversity including the famous Pelee Mountain.

Martinique’s cultural heritage sets it apart and makes the island unique and exciting: AOC rum distilleries, traditional sailing races, renowned literature and writers.

Living in the heart of the « Windward Islands » means being able to discover the neighboring islands of Dominica or Saint Lucia just a few kilometers away for a weekend.

At 3,150 km from New York and 440 km from the first South American coast, the American continent is immediately accessible.

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