Confined Hosts

Following the decision to contain the Covid pandemic, advice from hotelkeepers is proving useful.


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The importance of taxation is also underlined in the context of furnished accommodation. At the end of the crisis, do not hesitate to prioritize the classification of your furnished accommodation.

Sharing the best ideas for your vacation rental

Hello to all,

I will have the pleasure of receiving Frédérique Dispagne – hotel owner & seasonal operator – on the Facebook page of J’affiche complet on Monday, May 4, 2020 at 8:00 pm….

Supports & References

Facebook Live Support

Furnished – Classification reference (all categories)

OEC furnished 06-04-2020

In Fort-de-France, the Stay tax is provided by the CACEM.

A Residence Tax Interface Guide makes it easy to update the data.

The tourist tax scale is here.

Take care of yourself

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